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Pradaxa is a prescription anti-clotting drug from Behringer Ingelheim and has been approved for sales in the US since past few years. There has been unusually high reports of various adverse effects of Pradaxa in past two years, and this has forced Pradaxa Drug FDA to review the bleeding risks associated with this drug. Between April 2008 and November 31, 2011, there were more than 260 deaths due to Pradaxa in different countries of the world. All those who had been prescribed this drug and subsequently suffered several side effect are entitled to Pradaxa lawsuit. Pradaxa and its side effects In many cases, anticoagulants are prescribed to the patients for preventing stroke or blood clotting in all those who undergo knee replacement or hip replacement surgery, or non-valvular atrial fibrillation. Though bleeding side effects are there with other drugs as well, but with this drug, they are more dangerous than the ones caused by traditional blood thinners, mainly because there is no effective antidote for internal bleeding caused by this drug.

The large number of fatal bleeding cases has now prompted FDA to initial investigations of Pradaxa. This kind of failure at such a large scale indicates that formula of drug is not safe, and its manufacturer Behringer Ingelheim can be held accountable for endangering the life of millions of patients. Protecting Your Rights If you or someone you know has experienced serious blood clotting or bleeding due to the drug, then you should immediately get in touch with Pradaxa attorney. Big companies like Behringer Ingelheim can invest millions in protecting their defective drug. On the other hand, an experienced attorney can ensure you the rightful compensation for all your sufferings.

All those who have Pradaxa claim can find ready help from attorneys to file Pradaxa lawsuit. Do I Have Reason for a Pradaxa Lawsuit? If you or your loved one has taken pradaxa and experienced various harmful side effects including bleeding, you should immediately speak with a Pradaxa lawyer for more information regarding your eligibility to file a lawsuit and recover adequate compensation. Most of the lawyers do not charge any fee upfront, unless your compensation case is settled.

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